The best apps and ideas for your wedding photocall and photobooth

Photos have always been a very important part of wedding celebrations. Mainly because they are used to capture a moment in life. The one moment that’s said to be the happiest day of a couple’s lives.

Nevertheless, photography has evolved through the decades, and, as it has become cheaper, it has turned out to be not only a way to remember a wedding but also a way to keep the guests entertained. A few years ago, having disposable cameras on each table was a great option to get some original and fun pictures of the ins and outs of the party.

Whereas some people still find it charming to spend part of their budget on overpriced Polaroid cameras and photo paper to replace traditional disposable cameras, you shouldn’t be surprised to find photocalls and photo booths at a wedding venue.

A setup like such is a great way to add something fun and personal to your wedding. From thematic weddings to sober and elegant ones, we have gathered here some of our favourite ideas and tips on how to design and set up your own photocall. Are you ready to get inspired?

The simplest way to make your own photocall is by finding an empty wall at the wedding venue. An empty wall is an opportunity to translate the bride and groom’s personality and to reflect the style of the wedding. The wall can be decorated with greenery, curtains, lights, or letters with a message. You can use a mounted piece of wood or seamless paper to cover the chosen wall and protect it from any damage.

If you’re having an outside wedding, you may as well take advantage of the elements at the venue for your photocall. For example, by setting up an empty photo frame. Please, take into account that not all your guest might have the same height so you may want to set up more than one frame.

We also love this idea of decorating the trunk of a tree to make it the background of your pictures. It certainly gives a lot of options for fun performances.

Just make sure that the location for the photocall is well lit (by natural light or artificial light) so the photos turn out great.


Inside or outside, you can also choose to build some small scenery for your photocall corner. It is not difficult to mount a PVC or wooden structure like the ones below for a more rustic feeling.

We also love these metal arches that can be custom decorated and are perfect for both inside and outside weddings, or to be placed in a courtyard.

Likewise, if you’re having a thematic wedding or you just want to make the photocall corner a bit more fun and interesting for your guests you can go crazy! Have a look at the gallery under these lines… and don’t forget about the props!

Once you have a photo call, it is very easy to transform it into a photo booth. You just need a camera with a timer! …and perhaps a WiFi-connected printer, if you wish.

PRO TIP: include a couch or other type of seat in the set-up so everyone is in the frame when the picture is taken. If they do it like that in real photo booths it is for a reason.

If you and your fiancé want to incorporate a photo booth into your wedding without breaking the bank, try printable photo booth props! From rock n’ roll sunglasses to royal wedding crowns, there are options for guests of all ages. To help you get started, Zola has created 83 free wedding photo booth props to choose from with 11 different themes. All you have to do is download your favorite props, print on card stock paper, and glue to a wooden dowel. Voila! Just three simple steps for a night full of fun and memories to last a lifetime.


These are some apps that can help you in the process of setting up your DIY photo booth:

Pocket Booth

This app allows you to take the pictures directly from a mobile device but it also allows you to connect a digital camera to it, in case you want higher quality photos. Like in a real photobooth, it will take 4 consecutive shots that then can be made in black and white or vintage looking and can be shared through email, on social media or be sent to a printer.

This app is available for Android and Apple devices for less than $2.

Find out more information here.

SLR Booth Pro

This app is very straightforward and easy to use. It allows you to connect your digital camera to the device of your choice to the get the photos in HD. It includes an adjustable countdown timer and an option to use it along a remote shutter. Moreover, it incorporates a feature that allows for the replacement of a green screen with an image of your choice.

This app is available both for Android and Apple devices, and can be downloaded for free.

Find out more information here.

Party Photo booth

A very uncomplicated app to take pictures from a phone or tablet. Simply choose if you want the pictures to be on black and white or colour and press the button to get 4 shots in a photo strip format that can be shared by e-mail or social media. Only available for Android devices. Can be downloaded for free.

Find out more information here.

Simple booth

This is a more expensive option, but certainly a good one. You can either buy the hardware or just the app. The hardware includes a circular light ring and a mounting platform with an external battery for your tablet. The app easily allows you to take the pictures and share them through e-mail, social media or text.

Available from $29 at

Remember to have spare batteries, chargers and memory cards next to the camera so your guest can take pictures during the whole celebration. We also advise you to make a visible board with instructions on how to use the photo booth and how to replace the battery or memory card if needed. You can never be too prepared!

In order to have photos with the highest quality possible, we recommend using a digital camera or a tablet or phone with a good camera. After the wedding, you can upload all the pictures from the photo booth camera to your Wedbox album so all of your guests can enjoy them!

Another idea is to print them and send them to your guests along with a Thank you note. Wouldn’t it be a nice souvenir from your wedding?

We hope this post has inspired you to have the photocall of your dreams at your wedding!

Let’s have a conversation!

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Do you have any awesome ideas or tips that you want to share with future brides?


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